March again 

March is back with its birthdays and memories.

We organised Emma's first birthday party on Wednesday, after having spent the previous evening blowing up helium balloons and decorating - and remembering what we were doing - thinking - feeling 3 years before. It's surprising how much one can remember - especially the details. I can recall the exact positions we were occuping on the couches, what we watched on TV (Jackie Brown), at what time we went to bed - what we were reading at the time.. and the sequence of events that followed the next morning.

The next event is Mathias' birthday party on Wednesday with his little pals. It'll probably be more eventful as only boys are invited ;)

This weblog has been very quite for the last few weeks. A lot of things have since the last post.

  • My ADSL lines have successfully been upgraded to 1200/200 - with other problems arising, such as defective DNSs, network problems, etc.
  • Our February holidays were a great success, flying by far too quickly. I still have to sort, edit and print the photos/DVDs.
  • Busy is not the word. Projects starting all over the place, fresh ideas, new collaborations, XHTML/CSS rules!
  • Snow, cold, sun, spring, and back to winter. Rain.
  • Original Batman series on Wed@6:00p
  • New travel novel

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