3 candles for Mac OS X 

Mac OS 10.0 turns 3 today. It was launched on March, 24 2001, remember ? Seems ages ago, no?

After four major releases, Mac OS X has become as part of my every day life as Mac OS 9 was (and 8, and 7, and 6, ..). Moreover, this month sees the back of the last Classic application I couldn't do without (MacPay). Its final Cocoa version is due out on March 26. I must admit that my 9 icon has been bouncing less and less in my Dock for the last 18 months now.

Wink: Emma turned 3 too in March ;)

040326 update; ArsTechnica has a nice post on this event capturing the essentials of the last 3 years.

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  • 29 Mar 2004

    Quartesoft Sàrl:

    Sorry we kept you waiting for so long. MacPay X has been released today and is available for download right now.
    But don’t tell us we were the ones to pull the plug on another faithful OS 9 config. Because, yes, OS X is three, but its predecessor kept us going for 20 years. After all we wouldn’t be there without it.
    Best regards from the Quartesoft Team.

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