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iTunesitis ? now blocks Macs completely. If you try to visit the site with any Mac web browser, including IE, you get the following message:

&quote; In order to take full advantage of's offerings you must be on a Windows Operating System using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. &quote;

You actually get to see the home page, but a javascript bumps you off based on your user agent string.

<script language="Javascript">
	var mac = navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Mac")>-1
	var opera = navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")>-1
	//IE5+ required, netscape, macs, and opera are not supported
	if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" || mac || opera) {
      musicLink = false
	} else {
      //find out if its ie, then version 5+
      var tmpIEVerInfo = navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE ") + 5;
      if(tmpIEVerInfo != -1)
	    if(parseInt(navigator.userAgent.substring(tmpIEVerInfo, tmpIEVerInfo+1)) < 5)
     musicLink = true

Use cmd-. to stop the page loading, and you can view the page's source code..

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#1 by Kim GammelgÂrd

19:26 on 27 July 2003

Have a look at this page:



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