iTrip Station Finder 

Got an iTrip ? Well, gibe iTrip Station Finder a try.

&quote; iTrip Station Finder helps you find a spot on the dial where you won't receive any interference from other stations. The application keeps a city-based list of frequencies that are not only clear, but that have clear adjacent channels, as well, minimizing the chance you'll hear crossover from other stations. &quote;

iTrip Station Finder is a free download - but works only in the US.

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Comments and responses

  • 05 Nov 2003

    For those who are Windows-limited, or want an alternative to the software provided, “Station-Finder”, formerly the MIT List of Broadcast Stations, can find all the audible stations for a given city in US/Canada. Site is free.

  • 17 Dec 2004

    Sean Kenny:

    Ummm… heres the deal… we can buy itrips in canada… how come we pay for these things and then don’t recive the same service as the US,,, get a staion finder for Canada

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