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Sony Ericsson Clicker

Okay, this is a really geeky one to start the week with.. but I love it (you know me). Imagine using your Sony Ericssoncell phone to drive a Keynote presentation, remote control iTunes, DVD Player or any scriptable application on your Mac via Bluetooth..

sony Ericsson Clicker

Maybe the coolest touch is the ability to setup the proximity sensor: choose an action to execute when you leave or reenter the Bluetooth radius. iTunes or DVD Player pauses, your Mac welcomes you back, locks your screen, etc.

Beta version functional until March 1st. Available through VersionTracker (it wasn't available from the developer's website as yet).

2003-02-25 update: here's the Slashdot thread and a soon to come AppleScript section on the product's website.

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#1 by Q

15:15 on 30 July 2003

So you bought a t68i thinking it would sync up all the events from your Mac did you? And now you're disappointed and find the phone useless as a calendar because you can never be sure if you're free on a certain day or not? Well...

I strongly suggest that you immediately send a quick note to the President of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications about this matter. He can be contacted by:

e-mail [email protected]

Mr. Katsumi Ihara

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd.

Sony Ericsson House

202 Hammersmith Road

W6 7DN London

United Kingdom

Below are a couple of links to some examples of messages published by Sony Ericsson that led me to believe I was purchasing a phone that would synchronise ALL of my calendar events not only SOME of those events.

On these pages, you will find claims containing keywords like "up-to-date", "compatible", "same" and "accurate", such as:

* "Apple's hot new synchronizing software keeps your iCal information and Mac OS X Address Book up-to-date on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone"

* "This product [iSync] is compatible with the following Sony Ericsson phones: ... T68i"

* "the same up to date address book and calendars everywhere ñ on their Mac and in their pocket"

* "customers using the new Sony Ericsson T68i phone are ... keeping their ... calendar up-to-date between their Mac and their phone"

* "You can have your ... calendar with you wherever you go, and you'll know the information is accurate"

That e-mail address again was mailto:[email protected]

Refer your request for a solution this this address now!

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