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  • Cross-platform publishing with Soybo

    Soybo is a cross-platform and device independent technology that allows applications to publish their functionality as web services, accessible by any Internet-enabled device.

  • YA iTunes remote control

    I recently fell on a post announcing the close down of Stimpsoft, owners of cool Mac freeware such as SnapperHead or Son of Weather Grok, as well as iHam on iRye which is a really cool iTunes remote control.

  • WIRED 2013's technolust

    If you’re accustommed with WIRED mag, you certainly know the Fetish objects section. Cool gizmos avail today. Well WIRED has come up with its 2013 fetish wish list.
    Go and take a look and the iPhone (a domain name held by apple, btw), or the roll-up television ..;)

  • Happy Birthday Mathias

    Mathias is four today. He was born at 2:26pm CET

  • Blue light on steroids

    MacMice has just released a companion for Griffin Technology’s PowerMate; the IceMate. A translucide stand that enhances the blue light generated by the PowerMate. “Blue light on steroids”.

  • eFax gets better
  • Sony Ericsson Clicker

    Okay, this one is really geeky .. but I love it. Use your Sony Ericsson to drive a Keynote presentation, remote control iTunes, DVD Player or any scriptable application on your Mac via Bluetooth.

  • Kung-Log adds a service

    I just noticed that the latest release of Kung-Log (1.3.5) adds the service “New entry with selection” in the Services menu.

  • iBook case mod

    Change the case of your iBook ..

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