Reuters forgets Apple 

You won't believe this, or they know something we don't: according to an article in Reuters,
&quote; Microsoft [..] is the biggest seller of software for the Macintosh with its Office for "Mac OS X", Apple's operating system for the Macintosh. &quote;
Err.. Remember Microsoft complaining at the last MWNY about the few copies of Office X sold ? Well unless Microsoft sold bags of copies of Office since, I can't see they could be bigger than .. Apple itself!?! Jobs reported at MWSF that 5M Mac OS X users existed, and remember those 100'000 copies of Jaguar alone were sold in the first weekend of sales? Why did Reuters forget Apple ?

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  • 14 Feb 2003

    It’s all politics. Bill temporarily needed Apple while they were under attack. Now he feels a bit better.

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