Google voted "Brand of the Year" 

.. beating Apple to the post. According to a Reuters report published on, Google was voted "Brand of the Year" in an online survey conducted by Interbrand. Individuals from 72 countries were asked which brand had made the most impact on their lives in 2002. Google received 15% of the 1,315 votes. Apple finished in second place with 14% of the vote, followed by Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Ikea.
[quote] Perhaps the fact that Interbrand's survey was hosted on the Internet had something to do with the results. Certainly, Apple Computer Inc (AAPL :Research ,Estimates )., whose brand placed second, has more than its fair share of avid surfers. Apple has a global market share in PCs, and consequently in operating systems, of less than 3 percent worldwide, but it remains a strong player in the creative industries as well as advertising and media. "[Apple's] steady array of new product releases and cheeky David-to-Goliath positioning makes it hard not to notice and perhaps explains why our readers tend to favor it," Rusch said. Apple polled 14 percent of the vote and, surprisingly perhaps, beat what is unquestionably the world's biggest and most successful brand -- the mighty Coca-Cola (KO :Research ,Estimates ) -- into third place at 12 percent. Ubiquitous coffee shop chain Starbucks (SBUX :Research ,Estimates ) and Swedish furnishings store Ikea came in at fourth and fifth place respectively. [/quote]
This reminds me of a serie of interesting article on Apple branding by Simon Spence published in TidBITS last year:

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