The Web proposal turns 35 

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The World Wide Web initial proposal turns 35 today.

From a humble beginning 35 years ago, the Web is now central to the daily lives of billions
Seth Dobbs

Tim Berners-Lee in “Marking the Web’s 35th Birthday: An Open Letter” underscores that the Web “was to be a tool to empower humanity”, which it did over its first decade.

Five years ago, Tim call out to some of its dysfunctions “dominated by the self-interest of several corporations that have eroded the web’s values and led to breakdown and harm”.

Today,“the rapid advancement of AI has exacerbated these concerns, proving that issues on the web are not isolated but rather deeply intertwined with emerging technologies”.

The future hinges on our ability to both reform the current system and create a new one that genuinely serves the best interests of humanity. To achieve this, we must break down data silos to encourage collaboration, create market conditions in which a diversity of options thrive to fuel creativity, and shift away from polarising content to an environment shaped by a diversity of voices and perspectives that nurture empathy and understanding.

Tim finally calls “to back the morally courageous leadership that is rising, collectivise their solutions, and to overturn the online world being dictated by profit to one that is dictated by the needs of humanity”.

Read the open letter, and let’s heal the web.

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