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I’ve been listening again and again to Peter Gabriel’s latest album i/o since it was released last December.

Not only is it a treat to discover his new album, even if he released one track after another over 2023 (on each full moon), it makes me happy to hear and enjoy his brilliant voice. It still retains its depth and strength despite the years.

This album is uncomplicated, melodic and easy to listen to. It feels intuitive, natural.

It comes in 3 mixes: a “Bright-side”, ”Dark-side” and ”In-side” version, same titles, same order but featuring different arrangements and adjustments. Up to you to choose your mix – I’m still undecided.

This said, I looking forward to enjoying with my good friend Jean, a brilliant audio engineer who, I’m sure, is going provide insights and comments that are way beyond my expertise.

You’ll find loads or reviews and comments on the internet about the process and the background of the album. I just wanted express my joy of the release of his new album.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Peter Gabriel live. It was in 1980, at the Pavillon des sports de Champel.

He arrived at least an hour late, being caught in traffic jams from the Alps. He entered the hall from the back, making his way to the stage through the crowd holding a large flashlight. I think it was during this tour he started crowd surfin, falling back into the audience in a crucifix position.

To finish the gog, he treated us with a few extra songs like “The Lamb lies down on Broadway”, sitting on the edge of the stage with all the lights on. We didn’t want to leave. ♥︎

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