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There's a hole in my recent – activity – life.

I've been offline since the end of June following the discovery of a kidney stone (nephrolithiasis) lodged in my upper urinary tract that was surgically removed on my birthday (#sigh).

Although the operation went well, the recovery process took longer than I expected. I was down and out for over a week, and I'm still not feeling a 100% as I write these lines 10 days later.

My left arm with its IV

The funny thing about recurrent pains, like renal colic, is that I tend to expect it to come back even if I know the stone has been removed and all is good. I listen too closely to body signs that might indicate something is off (#pfff).

Anyway, this is why I've been off color these last two months, and have shied away from social networks and social activities.

Hopefully, our upcoming trip to the USA will complete my recovery and I'll be bouncing back even higher in August!

David Roessli

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