Récits de femmes 

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we went to the theatre to see “Récits de Femmes” by Franca Rame et Dario Fo.

“On peut être féministe et drôle, dénoncer les abus en s’amusant”

What an amazing performance! A dazzling rainbow of laughter, emotions, truths and intelligence!

A minimal setup emphasizes the story, distills the essence of the characters that express themselves in turn, taking you into their world and spinning you around.

Though bleak statements of women's condition today, you laugh and think and realise. This play should be compulsory for all school boys and girls!

The cast is extraordinary: Michele Millner, Mia Mohr and Jeanne Pasquier singing together of acting alone, master the art of storytelling and self derision.

★★★★☆ This is one of the best show of the year - hurry up if you haven't seen it yet! (runs until 30 November 2014)

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