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Le Temps : eaten up by ads

I was browsing my news feeds this morning at breakfast and I followed a link to an article published by our daily newspaper Le Temps to discover it was eaten up by ads.

Le Temps

Scrolling down to get rid of the banner ad didn't help much:

Le Temps

Scrolling to bring the article's title to the top of the window neither…

Le Temps

Now what really gets me is that I have an electronic subscription to this newspaper and my reading experience is crippled with useless promotional information I never asked for!

I use a cookie manager (Ghostery for Safari) in my browser which prevents this kind of page littering – unfortunately my iPad is devoid of such a tool…

Le Temps

Now, the web app version of Le Temps doesn't display this behaviour, but chooses to send you to a splash screen each time you hit the home button #gaaargl

Le Temps web app

Moreover, this behaviour can't be circumvented: preventing add cookies such as Smart AdServer simply breaks the app by generating a JavaScript error.

These are sad days for a daily newspaper that I enjoy and respect. I might just give up on their electronic versions which either litter your screen with ads, forgets your credentials and makes it close to impossible to reference permanently an article.

Back to my newsfeed…

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