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12 Days of Christmas

A quick tip for those who have installed iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas app and are experiencing unavailable song/book/show issues on your iOS devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone).

You need to make sure your i18n settings are correct: Settings > General > International > Region Format must match your iTunes Store.

I am located in Switzerland and run my iOS devices in English, with the UK region format, but buy from the Swiss iTunes Store. The app will fail if I don't set my Region Format to French > Switzerland.

From what I've read on the Internets, this applies to people in other countries who have configured their devices differently from the locale of their current iTunes Store.

As I've previously written, Apple is poor at managing localisation (l10n).

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  • Apple really is very poor at managing localisation. The iTunes store you use should not be affected by the region format you use – I’m currently US-based (for now, anyway!), but prefer the UK language/region format on both OS X and iOS because of things like date/time formatting (I hate Month/Day/Year) and spelling. That’s obviously not as big a deal as changing the entire language in order to make things compatible, but it’s still annoying. and hopefully they’ve changed this in later versions of iOS and iTunes.
    (Also, I’d like you to know that I’ve linked to some of your articles about internationalisation on my ‘Inclusive Tech’ blog, a guide to developers on creating more inclusive websites. One of my emphases is on internationalisation.)

  • 02 Dec 2014

    Thanks @FG!

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