My DODOcase is warped! 

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My DODOcase is warped

My original DODOcase didn't survive the winter.

I am not a case person; not for my iPhone, nor for my iPad. But there are some beautiful designed cases out there, and among my favourites are DODOcase and Hard Graft products. The DODOcase accompanied me all summer, but I switched to the Hard Graft case when the cold crept in. It just felt right.

The DODOcase spent the winter months in the cupboard while the iPad travelled in its wollen glove.

Unfortunately, it seems that the bamboo dried up over the course of the winter, warping it into a curve that can't welcome the iPad anymore.

My DODOcase is warped

So, be careful how you store your DODOcase, as it might just end up as mine. Eventhough I didn't expose it to direct sunlight or overheated environments, it didn't resist.

I've sent a note to the nest to see if they can help me out. Will post their answer later.


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