Disappointing iPad 3G data plans in Switzerland 

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Swisscom published its iPad 3G data plan yesterday. The basic entry is a CHF 5.-/day (100Mb cap), followed by CHF 19.-/month (300 Mb cap) and CHF 39.-/month (2Gb cap).

Disappointing when you compare these figures to their existing mobile offers (CHF 7.50.- or CHF 4.-/day no cap with no or CHF 10.- monthly fee or CHF 39.-/month 5Gb cap).

I wonder how they are going to implement their device detection to price the iPad separately. I guess I am going to stick with my MiFi and my NATEL® data day plan for the time being.

While the two other operators (Sunrise and Orange) don't offer and iPad specific yet, their offers look more interesting on spec (see link below), but there are coverage issues out of urban areas.

Ori: Tarifs data pour l’iPad: Swisscom n’y va pas de main morte!

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  • 11 May 2010

    Orange published their data plans yesterday:

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