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Parov Stelar is an Austrian musician and DJ located in Linz, to who's music I have really taken to since discovering his album «Shine» last year.

Like Waldeck, his music is smooth and silky, and entices you to listen and pulse to its rythms. The subtle mix of atmospheric old and technical new ambiances make it perfect for coding. I can listen to «Shine» in loops. It grows on you, and you end up listening, walking, working and dancing to its beats.

Parov’s music is perhaps best described as an intoxicating mix of elements taken from jazz, swing, electronica, dance, and infectious beat. All of which sits amid melancholic melody one minute and pulsing grooves the next.

Jeff Perkins

So needless to say I was excited when I discovered his «Coco» is his latest double album. It offers an intriguing blend of freeform jazz, with hints to the 1930'ties, dance, and other electropop influences.

I immediately seduced by the first CD, whilst the second drifts more towards radio/club mixes which speak less to me (for now).

Currently playing in iTunes: Coco (feat. Lilja Bloom) by Parov Stelar

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