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I must be one of the last to have discovered Regina Specktor, but lucky enough to stumble upon Laughing With earlier this month. My curiosity was tickled and let me to her latest album Far and to realise she'd been around for the last 10 years. So much for me.

What struck me first was her voice, her powerful vocal range and the diverstity of her interpretations. The piano leads, and something in the way she sings brings me back to New York, reminding me of Suzanne Vega, other tracks will evoke something of Lily Allen or Kate Nash in their rhythm, making it difficult to assign her a definite style.

«bronx girl by way of moscow who writes songs for the piano, voice, drum stick, and guitar (sort of). Other instruments may follow…»

This album is catchy and creative, she comes over cristal clear. I don't know if I'll still be listening to it the way I am today in a few years, but it's a perfect summer album for me, and has been filling my office lately. I'm adding her to my concerts wishlist…

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  • 03 Aug 2009


    Kate Nash is actually a huge fan of Regina’s and counts her as a major influence. I felt like sharing that. haha.. Check out Begin to Hope and Soviet Kitsch too!
    and she’s really awesome live. Good humored and very humble. :)

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