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Graffiti near Galata Kulesi, Istanbul

Up too early again. Literally with the birds and my thoughts, not knowing which awoke me.

Probably my thoughts. There is quite a bit going on lately, on all fronts. Professionally, several dormant projects have bounced back to life all at once, others are gaining in momentum and I am being requested to a take part in a bunch of greenfield projects. I know I shouldn't complain in this day and age - and I'm not - but once again, I come to realise I lack the resources in time and space to concentrate on ventures closer to my heart and soul.

On a more personal level, this nameless draining feeling that has been around for the last few months hasn't subsided as I hoped it would, and it is slowly getting to me. I may not be as resilient as I thought I was.

name•less | ˈnāmlis |
1 having no name or no known name • deliberately not identified; anonymous
2 (esp. of an emotion) not easy to describe; indefinable

June is a busy month, both socially and professionally. The kids have lots going on, happy events for the most, friends organise parties now the days are longer and the weather dry and warm, the summer music festivals finalise their agendas, it is a fabulous time of year. Lots of good vibes around.

There is also the clients that realise the summer holiday break is only a stone throw away and all wake up at once. This is anticipated, so you deal with it. But looking back at what you hoped to achieve by mid-year, you realise that you're off track. Again.

June is my happy month, but I'm having trouble dealing with it this year.

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