We're not friends 

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No. We're not friends. Anymore.

We been best of pals for so long now, it is not easy to write these lines. More than one won't understand my stand, but I've been let down just this once too many. My trust has faded over time, and I spend too much time checking what you're up to and fixing your lack of reliability.

I watched you grow and bloom, amazed by your potential. I am still am. Amazed and excited, but you are not the one you use to be. For me. Anymore.

You've been an ever growing part of my life since I care to remember, and I have always evangelised your usage. But,

  • Maybe I expect too much;
  • Maybe I don't have the tolerance I once had;
  • Maybe I'm getting older faster than you are;
  • Maybe we've been together too long now;
  • or maybe it has nothing to do with the above, or it's above all of it.

It's certainly time to move on. If only I could.

Technology, you suck bad. Sometimes.
Pull your socks up.

Don't worry. This is just a personal rant «An exposition written, or more often oral, where emotionality supersedes rationality.»

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