Unplugged in Leysin 

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Leysin. Just past 10pm, we're back from a lovely diner in the Fromagerie and we're all in bed, the kids having finally surrendered to a long day worth of excitement. I'm still fiddeling with my wifi connection, attempting to connect successfully to the wireless network floating above me. To no avail.

Leysin Skiing Conditions Widget

Unfortunately, my new MBP suffers from this airport bug so many Mac Intel Core 2 Duo do: namely the inability to connect to a third party wifi WEP secured network.

Alternatively, I tried to connect via GPRS, but I forgot to transfer the settings from my PB 15" last December, so I'm left with the mobile account of my cellphone. Drats. I've already been unplugged, but not with a wifi network I'm paying for floting over my head. It's plain frustrating.

Why is it I need to connect each time I login? I suppose that spending most of my time on internet, for work or leasure, I just take it for granted. Not to mention it helps while the rain falls outside (Leysin weather forcast).

We're staying at the Chalet Ermina, close to the village center and a stone throw away from the ski lifts and Hefti Sports' ski rental arcade (rent and try the skis you want). A couple of recent chalets, with a very friendly welcome and all the modcons for a decent price. I really recommend this place if you are looking for a place to stay in Leysin. Children are made welcome, the rooms are decently sized, the bed linen is impeccable, as are the bathroom and toilets. Our host Ariane Giobellina is very helpfull and always worried about your well being and willing to help you out. She knows the region inside out, and will give you all the tips and advise you'll need to spend the best holiday possible in Leysin. Highly recommended. The only downside to our stay here is that everyone seems to be speaking English. Have we been taken over?

Update 15.2.2007

I finally figured out how to connect successfully to the network: Open your airport network settings and switch your network selection from 'Automatic' to 'Preferred Networks' (can't remember where I read that tip, sorry).

Airport Preferred Networks

Manually add the network name (SSID) and password you are triying to connect to, turn airport off and on again, and it might work. It worked for me. Mind you, I still can't join the network via the airport menu.

So, I finally checked my e-mail, my friends' Twitter broacast, website usage stats, rss feeds, webcam, and so what? It felt quite dull compared to the warm pink-violet sunset that was unfolding in front of my eyes.

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