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While I still have to finish my HOW-TO on duplicating DVDs (hmm), this product struck my attention: Fast DVD Copy.

An all-in-one-one-click commercial app that duplicates your personal DVDs - and commercial ones for that matter - switched them to region free (and presumably disables Macrovision).

For USD 99, version 2 allows you to select the bonus you want - or don't want for that matter. The previous version duplicated the lot, limiting to a maximum of 97 minutes the movies it could copy. Apparently, this has been addressed in the latest version.

Beware of the licensing scheme - install it on the computer that will be used to duplicate:

Your license is valid for one computer only. If you want to install Fast DVD Copy on a second Mac, you need to buy a second license.In addition, your Fast DVD Copy license is computer-specific. Your serial number will only work on the Mac that you licensed it for.

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  • 04 Dec 2004

    Ferruccio Camagni:

    I am an eMac Superdrive user, using FAst DVD copy for first time. My home DVD player cannot read DVD-R discs but when I try to see movies copied by a friend of mine with a PC, then even if are copied on a DVD-R disc, my home player can read the.
    Also my player can read many of the copies DVD movies we bought when living in Asia. No problems.
    All this is quite strange, because when I copy with Fast DVD copy, using same type of disc my home player cannot read it.
    How this can be ?
    Is there anything to set in FAst DVD copy application ?
    I read in their website that this application can only use DVD-R. IS that the reason and why other DVD-R can be read ?
    Hope somebody can solve this problem, because I don’t want to buy a new video system just for this.

  • 31 Aug 2005


    I’m unclear, but from their website, it looks like Toast 7 is saying it will do this as well. True?

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