iBook logic board problem recognised 

Apple has finally recognised the problem with the iBook's logic board by publishing an extended exchange program and offering to reimburse previous costs of repair to eligible customers (iBook purchased in the last 3 years). Reuters comments the problem an article "Failing Apple Hardware".

I fell on this piece of information while reading an interesting commentary "Having Bitten the Forbidden Fruit, it Bit Me Back. Six Times" on OSDir.com on a Linux user feeling guilty of using Mac OS X instead of Linux, and all the trouble he had with his iBook logic board.

Check it out if you are an iBook user - or not - you might be entitle to the logic board exchange.

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Comments and responses

  • 16 Feb 2004

    Brett Melancon:

    I have an iBook with the dreaded logic board problem. Do you think that there is any chance of getting it fixed by Apple. The serial number is out of the range they specify.

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