European ITMS Q2 2004 

Jobs announced that iPhoto's print services will be available in Europe sometime in March 2004, but he didn't mentionned anything regarding iTunes Music Store.

According to an article in MacWorld UK,

Music industry insiders expect Apple, Napster and other major digital music services to launch in Europe as soon as the second quarter 2004.

While Apple remains tight-lipped about plans to introduce its service in Europe, Universal Music's eLabs president Larry Kenswil told Macworld: "By the second or third quarter there will be a number of major services in Europe, and I expect one of these will be Apple's iTunes Music Store."

Sounds cool, no ?

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Comments and responses

  • 21 Jan 2004

    In an article today in the french newspaper Figaro, Pascal Nègre, the president of Universal France, states that 2004 will see the introduction of Apple’s iTunes Music Store.
    Let’s just hope it’s not for Christmas!
    > 2004 sera l’année o√π l’on verra arriver en Europe et en France
    > un certain nombre de plates-formes payantes comme iTunes Music store d’Apple.

  • 25 Jan 2004

    Another article on Forbes
    > Apple’s iTunes European debut held up by red tape

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