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ectoThe new desktop blogging client ecto was released for public beta testing (expire end of January, 2004).

The current version is very stable, and offers all of Kung-Log's features and more. It is setup in a matter of seconds, and the new user interface is strait-forward for anyone who's used Kung Log or MovableType's post form.

I'm using it with MovableType and TypePad without any problem.

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#1 by redboy *

19:42 on 9 January 2004

can't wait for this proggie.... i *heart* kung-log and am looking forward to trying out the latest n greatest version :)

#2 by David Roessli

00:25 on 10 January 2004

I'm experiencing a couple of problems with this release which were absent from the previous betas:

+ the HTML templates keyboard shortcuts don't work.
+ the backspace key works like the tab key when you're in the Title field: instead of erasing the previous character, it switches to the "Main" pane.

Anybody notice such behaviours ? I'm sure Adriaan is going to squash these before you finish reading this. He is extremely responsive.

#3 by David Roessli

10:27 on 10 January 2004

ecto 0.1.7 was released last night and corrects all the above mentionned problems. Thanks Adriaan.

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