Macinblog downtime 

Sorry for the downtime. It occured at 16:55 CET when I started to experiment with .htaccess support on TP, and uploaded a configuration file which generated a 500 error.

I opened a support ticket, and hopefully the problem shall be solved very soon thanks to SixApart's online help.

Oh well, don't look at me like that - someone had to try, no?

&quote;On December 28, 2003 05:57 PM, TypePad Customer Support said:

Hi David,

Thanks for the report. The system stops you from creating an htaccess file in your template set, but not if you upload it.

We're working on the file manager for this and it's high priority to add to the system.

Ben can delete the extra file for you, I'll mark this for him to take a look. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.

Thank you, Brenna &quote;

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