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MacMice have done it again. When I received my iSight back in July, I ordered a SightClip for my Studio Display (who actually stuck Apple's stand on their monitor?). Months later, they released the SightFlex, a cool flexible stand for your favourite cam, enabling you to position it exactly where you want, including next to your iChat window!

Now they've announced iFlex, the same model, but for iBook/PowerBook owners. Scheduled for release on Jan 8th, just in time for MWSF.

Enrique, if you're reading this, I wouldn't mind one of these..

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  • 20 Dec 2003

    Let me put a final touch on my sun tan in Mexico and I’ll get you one of these on the MacMice booth as soon as I get there! ;-)

  • 22 Dec 2003

    I knew you would be reading ..
    Make the most of the sun, sand and sea. It’s freezing (and grey) here.

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