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MailEnhancer: extends the functionality of mail with several cool features:

  • Show activity viewer when doing a manual mail check
  • Display a status dialog after doing a manual mail check
  • Dock icon count shows all unread instead of just inbox unread
  • Automatically update signature to match sending address

The last one is by far the coolest. Invaluable if you have several e-mail accounts

MailPriority: provides a simple interface to set priorities for outgoing messages and request read receipts (when available on the receipient's server).

MailPicture: allows you to have your image show up in your mail message when you send it to a user that has MailPictures installed.

They are all freeware and Panther compatible and come as Bundles that install in your~/Library/Mail/Bundles directory.

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Comments and responses

  • 06 Nov 2003


    Wow, someone still uses the ad-ridden VersionTracker?
    MacUpdate has, in the last year or so, totally surpassed VT in website quality.

  • 09 Nov 2003

    John Clark:

    I don’t think MailPicture is really necessary anymore, as the Panther version of Mail does this itself finally!
    Correct me if I’m mistaken…

  • 09 Nov 2003

    Yes, you are right, except that the image has to be present in your Address Book (or .Mac):
    Mac OS X seems to already have what MailPictures claims to provide —- what’s the deal?
    While Mac OS X provides the core functionality of displaying images in Mail or iChat, it is limited to either pictures you manually have assigned in the AddressBook and to .Mac accounts. With MailPictures any email address can have an image and there is no need to manually assign an image to a person. So if I ( send an email to you my image will magically pop up in the email message. There is nothing you have to do besides having MailPictures installed.

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