Panther: FireWire data corruption resolved 

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Apparently, Apple has narrowed the problem with Firewire 800 corruption down to an Oxford 922 chipset used by some external firewire enclosures (source EETimes, and Apple's official press release).

Other World Computing is offering a FireWire 800 firmware update for their Mercury Elite FW800 external drives.

&quote; While Oxford Semiconductor and Apple Computer disagree over what has led to this issue (there is absolutely no issue under any circumstance with OS 10.2.8 and earlier), Apple has confirmed that the issue is limited to firmware v1.02 and prior. &quote;

The patch is also available through VersionTracker.

LaCie has also published a announcement on their website regarding their FW800 external drives.

WiebeTech follows suit for their Fire800 and MicroGB+800 products with an announcement on their tech support page, and offers an firmware updater.

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Comments and responses

  • 02 Nov 2003

    Please be cautious with FW 400 drives.

  • 09 Aug 2004

    Oliver Kripfgans:

    We have seen two PowerBook G4 (GigaBit, 667 MHz) with a blown internal firewire port after connecting a external self powered 400 firewire RAID drive. The RAID works just fine on a G# or G$ desktop and works fine with a $17 PCMICA IEEE 1394 CardBus pluged into the PowerBook. Both PowerBooks run 10.3, the desktops run 10.2.

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