sunday afternoon with typepad 

Okay. Here we are. This is my first post with typepad. I must admit that I am most impressed by the way Six Apart have wrapped up MT into a user-friendly application. I am still a fan of movabletype for its speed and extensiblity, but I must admit that typepad feels good. I would appreciate the option of using a custom domain name instead of the or that is currently offered. But I guess that might come.
18:16 update: I've just discovered the Domain Mapping option which enables you to point a domain name towards a typepad blog! Kudo Six Apart!
The layout and design templates are cool too. I guess there's a typepad look&feel that is going to spread itself. Actually, it's by visiting a weblog that I remembered I signed up for a typepad account early August, and never took the time to really explore it. I've been having fun with the moblogging option, uploading pics from my T610 - rather disappointed by their quality, but the fun remains.

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  • 14 Oct 2003

    Good to meet you, and looking forward to seeing more photo’s soon :).

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