Roar on Oct 24 

Here we are,

&quote; Place your order for Mac OS X version 10.3 “Panther” today and be among the first to receive your copy the evening of October 24, 2003. Building on the rock-solid foundation of Mac OS X, Panther delivers over 150 features and innovations. Exposé gives you instant direct access to any open window or file on your desktop. The brand-new Finder gets you to your favorite files and folders in one click. iChat AV puts built-in personal audio and video conferencing at your fingertips.* Enhanced Mail and Windows compatibility improve communication with the world. And the list goes on. It’s like having an all-new Mac.

A single copy of Panther costs only $129, and the five-license Family Pack costs only $199. Place your order today and leave the rest of the world even further behind. &quote;


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