Proxy scripting 

Paul Bissex ( has developed a nifty bit a code that acts as a proxy script from any browser:lazysearch.php.

Use Safari for keyword searching or to view html manual pages. Search airport codes, or weather conditions all from the location box of your favourite browser (Lynx included).

You need to have your Apache server up and running, and fiddle a bit with its configuration file, as well as with NetInfo. But all that is taken care of in the installation instructions. If you know where to look, it'll take you 90 seconds to be up and running.

The commands look like http://s/foo search for "foo" (search default is Google) or http://s/X/foo search of type X for "foo".

Among the accessible databases, you'll find Amazon, eBay, IMDB, PHP, SourceForge, or VersionTracker. Other functions include calendar, locate, man, top, etc. A complete list is provided with http://s/help/ [screenshots].

You're going to love this one.

PS: Paul help develop the interesting weblog on "Migrating to Mac OS X": Forwarding Address: OS X.

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