Apple's Free Online Digital Photography Seminar 

Apple is offering a free online seminar on digital photography ("Break through the barrier to digital photography success").

The targeted audience is professional photographers. Topics covered will include:

&quote; how adopting a digital workflow using Apple technologies can increase your revenues and marketability; how to avoid potential pitfalls when you're first starting out; how to work productively in the field; techniques for increasing color quality; how to acquire, organize, and share images more effectively; and how Mac OS X can improve your workflow. &quote;

Safari 1.0 and QuickTime 6 required.

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Comments and responses

  • 10 Sep 2003

    i wish apple would do a more professional job at this. I signed up for the “seminar.” It’s mostly a glorified infomercial. It’s filmed with a desk and ugly blue desktop and two hosts, one of whom continually says “uh” and looks away from the camera to read his notes. So far, 18 minutes into the video, the only thing I’ve “learned” is that going digital will pay for itself in a couple of months, and I can use all the same lenses I’ve used in the past on the new high end digital camera I purchased. Oh, and Mac is easy. Yeah, great. How about some actual instruction?

  • 10 Sep 2003

    i meant “backdrop” not “desktop”….

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