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Macinblog's domain name settings are currently being updated. Sorry for any inconviences that might occur.

Update 23:37: okay, everything seems okay. All the links are valid, and the images show up where they should. The update involved a path change, in the URL and in the filesystem.


That trailing /mac/ was an installation error that occured when I setup MT and mapped the Macinblog domain on it. My worry was to have to update all the local links and img tags, so I kept postponing the update.

The links were easily updated through MT's admin script, but all the embedded images paths were incorrect. The trick I used was to create a symlink of the current directory in itself. That way, /assets/macinblog/img/points correcty to http://www.macinblog.com/img/ without having to correct a single line of code. Nifty.

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