polytrope blog 

I discovered this weblog earlier this afternoon whilst revamping my company website.

I must say it still amazes my how one can completely loose track of time surfing from one weblog to another. Checking its contents, its layout, its links .. jumping to another, etc. and suddenly it's 3 hours later, and you have drifted from your initial quest, to another subject, to another site, to another problem ..

Anyway, there's a nice post by William Porter on the vision PC users have of Apple and Macs: Dead Again.

&quote; Why can’t we just be regarded as funny and creative, better cooks and better decorators, and let it go at that? &quote;

I couldn't agree more. Another on ergonomics: Cogito ergo nomics

&quote; When something is unnatural and unhealthy, you should view with skepticism the advice of people who would tell you how to do it right &quote;

I'm adding polytrope blog to my regular reading list. I stumbled on it in a post by Kirk Samuelson on Dev Notes :: Web.

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