My 2 weekend tips (nothing really new) 

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Fonts organisation
Did you know that you could organise your font in subfolders now ? While testing Font Agent Pro vs Font Reserve this weekend, I accidentally dropped a folder of fonts in the ~/Library/Fonts/ and to my big surprise, their appeared in the available font list.

I checked, and the hint was posted last August (hum, better late than never I guess).

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know, might come in useful to those of you who don't use a font management system.

Hide (or display) certain root folders
The other thing I discovered was how to hide certain directories you'd rather not see in you root directory. There's a hidden file called .hidden at the root of your disk. If you open it, you'll notice a list of directory names. Simply add those you'd rather not see listed (such as Temporary Items or sw e.g.), and they'll be hidden at the next Finder launch.

This hint was also available on MacOSXHints.

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