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Just picked up a couple of new releases on VersionTracker

  • DiskWarrior 3
    A killer app. The previous version saved my day on numerous occasion. Can't wait to get the upgrade. Fully Mac OS X compatible. Full versions can be downloaded, upgrades are shipped on CD (3 to 4 weeks backordered).
    22:16 CET: their secure server is currently overloaded - can't place my upgrade order, or download a full version. Victim of their popularity ?
  • Eudora 6
    This is also a longtime favourite of mine. I uses almost every version since 1.0. I finally gave it up when I switched to Mac OS X fulltime (10.1), and favoured Entourage until the Jaguar version of Mail - which I still use. Nevertheless, I still feel emotionally tied to Eudora which is a great product. This release might prove to be more Mac OS X mature, and certainly full of interesting features. such as spam fighting tools (opened to third party plug-ins), content concentrator, which gives you streamlined view of your email by sorting out the threads of replies, and mailbox drawers that are accessible from any mailbox window.

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  • 08 May 2003

    Hey guys,
    I really would like to know what you think about
    JIMZip… we worked hard on it and some feedbacks would be much apreciated…
    The Dev Team.

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