Watson 1.7 released 

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Remember the days before Sherlock 3? There was this little app called Watson (Karelia Software) that offered a desktop interface to web in a single window.

The release of Sherlock 3 overshadowed Watson by providing most of its functionalities. Now, Watson is back with version 1.7 adding Sherlock's 2 search functionality in the name of "SiteSearch". It also knows how to use the old Sherlock 2 plugins.

I must admit that I never really gave it fair trial - by lack of time I guess. This time, I intend to use it on a daily basis, it will complements nicely my RSS tool (NetNewsWire Lite). The Karelia weblog RSS feed is available for those who wish to follow Watson's development.

Beyond the Browser Bundle offers Watson, Spring and NetNewsWire for USD 68 (25% off).

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