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VersionTracker sports a revamped user interface, with the detailed page completely reorganised.

You can access previous versions of the software through a pop-up menu. The main content is organised in two tabbed layers: info and feedback (unavailable). The download link is clearly visible at the top of the section, under a global navigation bar. The overall rating can be decomposed in sub-categories (Ease of Use, Support, Features, Quality / Stability, Price). is The left hand sidebar lists a jump pad, a list of recently viewed pages (à la Amazon), your current installed version (if you use VT Desktop I guess) and a list of MacFixIt late-breakers.

The overall impression is that of a neater product, with more space to breathe. I could do without the ads on the right side, but at least they are all gathered there (except the banner at the top of the page). The line spacing could be tweaked a little, it feels a bit cramped to me.

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  • 01 May 2003


    Advertising can be switched off in: Membership area > Pro/Plus Tab Preferences, but this seems to generate a cosmetic bug where the Product info overlaps the table on the right.
    I’m also experiencing a problem where all items are “Not yet rated”!!
    At last, It would be nice if VersionTracker offered the possibility to view a screenshot like in MacUpdate (

  • 01 May 2003

    Hmm, thanks for the ‘no ads’ tip. That option was actually off in my previous settings, and I didn’t take the time to recheck it..
    The layout problem is specific to Safari. Something to do with its CSS 2 rendering (check Dave’s Hyatt weblog for more info (
    BTW, Camino renders the page perfectly ;)
    Internet Explorer:

  • 02 May 2003


    Seems like the VersionTracker development team has been surged with comments, if I understand this generic email that I received yesterday:
    We appreciate you taking the time to email us. We apologize for the generic email, but with the number of emails we received we wanted to get back to you as soon as possible.
    As you know we are in the process of upgrading our database and user review system.†Despite the database, site and browser compatibility testing we unfortunately ran into issues that could only have been uncovered after launching.†As of 24 hours from launch, the site is stable again.†
    However, there are a lot of steps remaining to get all the features of VersionTracker working correctly including:
    - Browser rendering bugs.†These are being addressed.†
    - All past reviews, download counts and product ratings are saved.† The “old” reviews and ratings are in the process of being re-imported and will be back on the site shortly.
    For the latest list of known issues and to provide additional feedback please go to:
    Our goal is to improve VersionTracker in order to address concerns about the review system that many readers had—- without changing the VersionTracker you rely on just for the sake of “change”.†

  • 10 May 2005

    After a long search, I finally found your site.
    My granny used to say, that you must never give up to reach a certain aim.
    So keep on going like I did it recently.

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