Photoshop 8, Illustrator 11 and InDesign 3 

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An article in eWeek presents Adobe's road map of it's core products, namely Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. All three are scheduled to be updated before the end of the year.

Photoshop 8 will offer non-destructive filtering, layer palette presets that will enable multiple palette sets, multiple layer selection, and will let you apply a single change to several layers. JPEG 2000 support and various UI enhancements.

Illustrator 11 will offer amongst other things significantly improved performance, a PDF export system and support the PDF 1.5 standard.

InDesign 3 will include performance boost and numerous bug fixes and interface tweaks, a new PDF workflow derived from Acrobat 6, including embedded video and audio in a PDF file. A story editor for text frames, javascript and XML support for export to the web.

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  • 11 Mar 2004


    well.. this is not exactly a comment but i was just wondering.. is there such thing as Adobe Photoshop 11? or the latest version is Adobe Photoshop 8?

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