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Ars Technica has an interesting and thorough article on the state of the Finder by John Siracusa.

"Okay Mister Smartypants, how should the Mac OS X Finder work?"

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  • 02 Apr 2003

    My gripe with osx (which i love) is that there seems no way of duplicating the old apple menu which allowed one to organise one’s aliases in a meaningfull way and acess what one wanted with one simple mouse operation via the cascading menus.

  • 03 Apr 2003

    Actually, there are several shareware applications that restore that behaviour. My favourite is FruitMenu from Unsanity
    FruitMenu is a haxie that gives you the ability to customize the Apple Menu and contextual menus. Using a visual editor you can edit the contents of the menus to suit your needs and taste. FruitMenu will also display the contents of the FruitMenu Items folder inside of your Library folder, launch applications and shell scripts from the Apple Menu and contextual menus, to allow easy file navigation and launching. To make the haxie completely flexible and customizable, you can assign hotkeys to particular menu items. Last but not least, it is priced at only US$10 with lifetime free updates!

  • 03 Apr 2003

    took look. looks interesting.
    when possible will look closer.
    I was re-reading the Siracusa article. I had forgotten all the little osx annoyances I still experience but have taught myself to ignore. I always work in collumns mode because of the ease of cascading through the directories and lack of clutter. But then when opening up a directory higher up the chain i go and loose the one i’m currently looking at. Gets to me every time.

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