Here comes Camino 

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Camino 0.7 (ex Chimera) is available for download, with numerous new features:

  • New Download Manager, with auto-download and auto-dispatch
  • Compatible with URL Manager Pro
  • Page Text Encodings menu
  • Global History in the sidebar
  • Send Link menu item, and other new toolbar buttons
  • Dragging of images and links to the desktop, and other applications
  • Support for Shockwave Directory content
  • Uses Rendezvous to show local FTP and web servers
  • Supports Proxy Auto-config
Breakfast impressions:
  • feels like there's a notable performance increase (not that much over the nightly builds though
  • cosmetic glitch with VersionTracker, the right column doesn't display correctly
    [ VT screenshot ]
    10h50 update: apparently this doesn't occur on every Mac. My QuickSilver displays VT correctly (same OS version)
  • more comments later on today.. Emma is waking up

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