DiskWarrior 3 for X 

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AltSoft DiskWarrior has been one of my essential applications these last few years, and has saved my day (and that of my friends) on more than one occasion.

I was pleased to read the pre-order announcement of DiskWarrior 3 which offers significant improvements on its predecessor:

  • Mac OS X native directory repair
  • dramatic speed improvements
  • supports file journaling
  • Mac OS X RAIDs
  • full Unicode support
  • conforms to Apple's security standardsv
  • uses Mac OS X's native memory model
  • rebuilds directories on disks as large as 2,000 gigabytes (2 terabytes)
The $40 upgrade is available only on a Mac OS X bootable CD. (No information is available for full version pricing or the ship date.)

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