Safari 1.0b60 

A new beta was released yesterday (1.0 v60), available both online and through SW Update. Apparently, there are bug fixes, XML support and more speed.
&quote; Safari Update 2-12-03 improves compatibility with popular web sites, displays web pages and Flash content more quickly, adds XML support, increases standards conformance and improves stability. The update also works with self-signed security certificates. &quote;
My first impressions are,
  • You can run the CSS1 tests now. Try running Meyer's css/edge, it almost passes!
  • Cmd-right arrow and cmd-left arrow are mapped to forward and back now
  • Drag&Drop text works for me now
  • Ctrl-click text and you have the option to copy or Google search
  • Site icons (FAVICON.ICO) added to the back button drop-down menu

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