Mac OS 10.2.4, Movable Type 2.6 and Kung-Log 1.3 

Happy Valentine's! Woke up to discover that SW offered Mac OS 10.2.4 update, and that Movable Type 2.6 had been released together with Kung-Log 1.3 (requires MT 2.6). 15h20 CET update: well, all went smoothly. I was actually updating MT while the SW Update was downloading and optimising 10.2.4 in the background. I haven't dived into all the new features of MT 2.6 yet, because Kung-Log 1.3 withheld all my attention. This program is really a gem. I believe I can do over 95% of my weblogging directly from Mac OS X now. The image upload function and the ping box are really cool. The e-mail notification puzzled me for a while as the outgoing mail was sent through .Mac's smtp server, but not with my .Mac address - so it failed each time. Adriaan shed some light on the outgoing server setting: it is simply taken from the Internet -> e-mail pane (mine was still set to my .Mac account). Nevertheless, the From address is the first account setup in If you take a look at Kung-Log's preferences (~/Library/Preferences/ you'll notice that the first section "Mail Account" contains all the mail accounts you've setup. Apparently, the OS inserts that info. IMHO. the glitch is that (1) you can't choose you outgoing personnality (my weblogs have different ones), (2) the SMTP server global setting is taken into account, but not the e-mail address. Nothing to really worry about.

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  • 14 Feb 2003

    Hey, Great site! I’m also a Mac / MTer and was pleased to find your site and I didn’t even realize Kung Blug got updated!
    Keep up the good work.
    — Joshua
    (PS: I blogrolled you. Stop on by sometime. :-)

  • 14 Feb 2003

    Hey, that is good news. I just heard about MT this morning, but I didn’t know about the OS X upgrade. Kung-Log is something I’ve been meaning to try and now I have no excuse!

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