Encrypt your mailto: 

You're going to love this. Hiveware have just come out with Enkoder, a free Mac OS X app to encrypt your mailto: tag and wrap it up in JavaScript to prevent robots from harvesting it..
[quote] Instead of merely breaking up and printing out a standard mailto: tag, The Enkoder generates a unique and random key and ties that to an ecrypted array containing your address for even better protection. [/quote]
A web form version and command-line versions for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X are also available.

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  • 04 Feb 2003


    Enkoder est un logiciel qui permet d’encrypter votre adresse e-mail, et de générer le code JavaScript nécessaire pour l’insérer dans une page web. De cette manière, les robots qui arpentent la toile à la recherche d…

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