After iCommune, here's Earphoria 

Here's another iTunes remote controller, Earphoria
&quote; Using rendezvous hocus-pocus, Earphoria automagically locates all Earphoria enabled Macs on your network. The instant you connect to one, Earphoria is beamed the available music library. You can now play, pause, skip and search your music in one unobtrusive interface. With a single keystroke you can pop open your music anytime, anywhere on your network! &quote;
Apparently, there's 2 applications: One on the server side, and one for the client. Looks cool, but I haven't tried it for real..

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  • 13 Feb 2003


    Euphoria is really cool but there’s one catch. When you open it, and pick your host out of the list, it plays the music on the remote machine. It’s a great remote control application for juke boxes and what not.

  • 13 Feb 2003


    Errr. Make that Earphoria.

  • 22 Feb 2003

    True. Guess I didn’t read the “ReadMe” properly. That said, it works like a charm. Only missing is the current song/artist (let it run for a while, and you do get lost..), and maybe a three pane browsing view.
    Requires iTunes to be loaded on the remote computer.

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