YourSQL, a Mac OS X MySQL client 

If you're looking for a simple client to manage your online MySQL database, give YourSQL a try. Personally, I'm still a great fan of myPHPAdmin, but this MySQL client looks quite promising (and it's GPL).

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It is certainly handy to create a database, edit a table's structure, etc. It's a little less practical when you wish to edit a table's data. It's done inline, a bit like a spreadsheet. I would have preferred a separate window, with one field per line e.g. But let's give it a try.. Need more info on how to install MySQL on your mac ? Go to Marc Liyanage's excellent MySQL section for tips, tricks, HOW-TOs and installable software. We've previously mentionned Marc's pages on Macinblog.

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Comments and responses

  • 05 Feb 2003

    Thanks for the link… I’ve been looking for a better way to manage MySql databases!

  • 24 Aug 2003

    I tried out YourSQL but found another one called CocoaMySQL and it had a lot more features. Now I’m helping improve CocoaMySQL (because it too is open source). I highly recommend it.

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