iCommune: a followup 

I told you I would give iCommune a try no later than today.
Well, the bottom line is quite impressive. Basically, it enables you to stream your iTunes library anywhere on the net, or browse (and copy) MP3 tracks from another iCommune-enabled user. The setup is trait forward. Drop iCommune in iTunes plug-in folder, launch iTune and configure iCommune by clicking the new button on the bottom. Sharing note: you must specify the real path of iTunes Library, it doesn't seem to work through symlinks, or aliases, and web sharing must be turned on. I tested the streaming locally on a 100Mb network and through my home DSL connection. I noticed no slowdown or any sign of network activity on my local network. The DSL connection worked seemlessly too, except for a single rebuffering event. If you add several servers, they show up as separate 'Network' icons in the left pane, followed by the name you gave them : Network (lab) e.g. For more info, check out QuickTopic's online discussions on iTunes playlist sharing. I'm streaming while I write this blog .. real cool.
[ Stormy Monday from the album "Live at the Blues Alley" by Eva Cassidy ]

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Comments and responses

  • 18 Jan 2003

    is there anyway to still get the icommune software now that it’s been pulled by the developer?

  • 22 Jan 2003

    yes use aquisition

  • 22 Jan 2003

    Elsewhere on this site, Tom offered a link to Info-Mac Archives (hosted on mirror.apple.com)

  • 25 Jan 2003


    I picked mine, last night, on Limewire. The 10b2 one.
    Keep hope.

  • 12 Feb 2003


    acquistion sux use KDX or Hoitline instead

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