Burn multi-session CDs from the Finder 

This AppleCare Knowledge Base article might be useful for those of you that don't own Roxio Toast or a similar application that enables you to burn several sessions on the same CD.

Up until now, CDs burnt in the Finder were single session, meaning you could only burn a CD once.

From the original article:

The Disk Copy utility in Mac OS X 10.2 or later allows you to burn to the same disc two or more times until it is full. This is known as creating a multi-session CD.

To create a multi-session CD, use the Disk Copy utility to create a disk image file from which the CD is burned. Follow these steps:

  1. Drag the item or items you wish to burn into a folder.
  2. Open Disk Copy (/Applications/Utilities/).
  3. Drag the folder onto the Disk Copy window. The Image Folder dialog appears.
  4. Choose a location for the image file using the Where pop-up menu. For simplicity, you may choose Desktop.
  5. Click Save. Wait for the image to be finished.
  6. Choose Burn Disc from the File menu.
  7. In the navigation dialog that appears, select the image you just created, then click Burn. If you have not already inserted a blank disc, you will be prompted to do so now.
  8. In the Burn Disc window, click the disclosure triangle.
  9. Select the checkbox for "Allow additional burns".

A disc burned with this setting will remain open to subsequent multi-session burns.

Additional burns on same disc
When performing additional burns on the multi-session disc, simply repeat Steps 1 to 7. The "Allow additional burns" setting selected in Steps 8 and 9 should automatically be retained for that disc on subsequent burns. Each new burn session on the disc will appear in the Finder as a separate disk, and it will have the name of the disk image file from which you burned it.

May sound a little complicated for some, but it works ..

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Comments and responses

  • 16 Oct 2003


    Can the cd be read inbetween the session making times on different machines? I have 2 labs, one is OS 9 the other OSX. They will both be OSX by the end of the semester, but for now the students need to go from one to the other, will this be a problem?

  • 01 Nov 2003

    I don’t see why not, it should work just fine whatever the OS, whatever the sessions.

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